John Martin has another passion.  A passion for Military History.


Having studied and researched Operation Anthropoid for over 40 years, travelling extensively with his research, enjoying access that very few people ever get, he has written a book all about Operation Anthropoid 1942.


Operation Anthropoid was the code name for the plan to assassinate Nazi Obergruppenfuhrer Reinhard Heydrich in 1942.


John is considered a world expert on the subject. He has appeared in TV documentaries and was even sought out by producers of the new blockbuster movie Anthropoid to provide expertise, including on the actual film set in Prague.


John was the first person to be given an interview by Heider Heydrich, the only surviving son of Reinhard Heydrich.


John likes nothing better than giving lectures or illustrated talks on the subject.


For more information, please visit John's website about this facinating story and details of his book:

'The Mirror Caught The Sun' at




John's new book 'Ambushed' is a collection of stories about six bloody events in history.


John has studied and researched every aspect of the subject matter for this new book, which is already receiving critical acclaim and even attention from TV documentary makers.


John's book is available to purchase either direct from John at or via