Host / Auctioneer


As a host and auctioneer, John is aware that the key to a successful event is to connect with your audience and make sure they are with you every step of the way.  


Having years of experience as a comedian, John specialises in hosting Award Ceremonies, often from a lectern, which are becoming increasingly popular across all industries, celebrating achievement in every field from business to fashion, technology to blogging.


It is important to use a host that can carry the event.  They need to be comfortable speaking to large crowds whilst having that charisma and ability to connect on an individual basis and this is why John specialises in such events, using his natural ability to match the tone and ensures the audience feel like an integral part of the occasion.


John believes a friendly and likeable approach is needed to host any event whether he is hosting an auction and raising money for charity or hosting an awards ceremony recognising peoples efforts